Message from our Polemarch: One of our most important mission is making a difference in our community. The Kappa Alpha Psi Guide Program serves as a platform to contribute to the community through mentoring, scholarships, and leadership development programs. Additionally, if you are a Kappa living in our area, feel free to visit our chapter.

"One Hundred Three Years and Building: The Journey Continues"
HOME           Achievement in every field of human endeavor
Fraternity founded January 5, 1911-----Riverside Alumni Founded January 1967

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
                 Riverside Alumni Chapter (RAC)
RAC Officers

Polemarch                  Samuel Gibbs, PhD..
Vice Polemarch         A.C. Jones, Esq.
Keeper of Excheq      Thomas Fisher, IIA
Keeper of Records     Larry Denman
Historian                    Al Stephens, Pharm,D.
Strategus         Eric Isaac, Esq..
Lt. Strategus              Richard Steward
Director                      Lawreence Clayton, Pharm,D.
Director           Carl Willis
Director                      Dermarius Carmichael

"103 Years and Building: The Journey Continues"
The Award Winning Riverside Alumni Chapter
Of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Winner of the

- 2013 Kevin D. Kinsey Community Service Award
- 2013 Guide Right Program of the Year
- 2013 Guide Right Director of the Year

* All three awards were presented at the Province (regional meeting in 2014 in Tucson)