Message from our Polemarch:

One of our most important missions is making a difference in our community. The Kappa Alpha Psi Guide Right Program serves as a platform to contribute to the community through mentoring, scholarships and leadership development programs. Additionally, if you are a Kappa living in our area, feel free to visit our chapter."

"Achieving for Over One Hundred Years and Counting: The Journey Continues"

Riverside Alumni Officers

Polemarch: Thomas Fisher, CPUC
Vice Polemarch: James Catron
Keeper of Exchequer: David Briggs
Keeper of Records: Kelvin Golden
Chapter Asst. (KOR/E): Darian Montgomery
Strategus: Jelani Fisher
Lt. Strategus: Martin Sissac

Chapter Reporter: Narvin Yarborough

Historian: Louis Winder
Parlamentarian: Kenneth McKnight
Board Member: Joe Paulino

Board of Directors

Director: Arby Fields
Director: Anthony Jones
Director: Honorable Eric Issac, Commissioner

Chapter Webmaster: Mark Gunn @