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Message from our Polemarch:

Greetings and welcome!

One of our most important missions of the “Mighty RAC” is welcoming all brothers and making a difference in our community. Our chapter of the Nationally recognized Kappa Alpha Psi Guide Right Program serves as a platform to contribute to our communities through mentoring, scholarships and leadership development programs. If you are a Kappa Brother living in or soon visiting the Southern California (Inland Empire, Riverside, San Bernadino and Orange County) area, please feel welcome to reach out and visit our chapter and take part in some “Good Ol’ Kappa Spirit”. We look forward to hearing from and fellowshipping with you soon.

"Achieving for Over One Hundred Years and Counting: The Journey Continues"

Riverside Alumni Officers

Polemarch: Brother Zack Stewart
Vice Polemarch: Brother Wayne Wainwright
Keeper of Exchequer: Brother Edward Moore (VAdm Ret.)
Keeper of Records: Brother Cadero Johnson
Chapter Asst. (KOR/E): Brother Don Gray
Strategus: Brother Robert Atkins
Lt. Strategus: Brother Emerson Young

Chapter Reporter: Brother Julani Fisher

Historian: Brother Louis Winder
Parlamentarian: Brother Andre Reddick
Board Member: Brother Thomas Fisher Immediate Past Polemarch

Board of Directors

Director: Brother Arby Fields
Director: Brother Joe Paulino
Director: Brother Demarius Carmichael

Chapter Webmaster: Mark Gunn @ mrgunn1@gmail.com